Four Cool Ways to Have More Flowers in Your Garden in Enfield

17Jul 2015

flower gardening

Flowers are simply beautiful. The mere sight of a flower in full bloom brings a smile on our faces. Every gardener in Enfield dreams of having a beautiful garden and the best way to achieve this is to plant a lot of flowers. Increasing the flower count in your garden is not that easy. But why stress? We are here to help you in making your garden better and prettier. Just follow these cool and easy tips and see your garden blossom with a lot of flowers.

• Select the best flowers - Well, almost all flowers look awesome and there are hundreds of varieties of flowering plants in this world. But the sad part is you cannot grow every one of them in your garden in Enfield, EN2. You have to make a decision and select a few categories of flowers which will become a part of your garden. Planting the best and most appropriate kind is highly important so be wise. While selecting your plants, don’t just look at their colour or texture. Do a proper research of their features and needs. Broadly there are two categories – Perennials and Annuals. Perennial flowers grow every year and do not require replanting while annuals grow only once a year and need to be replanted every year. Also, check for native flowers because generally native plants grow quickly compared with others and have natural shielding against diseases.

choosing flowers

• Crack the best deal with watering - It doesn’t matter what you plant in your garden in the EN1 area. If your watering technique is faulty, then you will never reach your desired goals of gardening. The plants in your back yard are directly depended on water for their growth; hence it is crucial to water them in the right proportion. Flowering plants also require adequate watering and any mistake in watering causes severe effects on their growth. Firstly, study the soil structure and types of plants in your garden. Then based on their type, initiate a watering schedule and follow this schedule rigorously without failure. Furthermore, your watering technique also affects the growth of your plants. Do not use the overhead technique to water plants and try to water the base instead. The method of drip irrigation is highly effective as it not only provides constant and correct watering but also reduces water wastage.

garden care

• Deadheading - This is a task which every gardener has to incorporate in his or her daily gardening activities in EN2. Generally the corpses of dead flowers continue to hang on the stems after the death of the flower. These dead blooms not only make your garden look ugly but also create a lot of worries as seeds fall from them and thus unwanted flowers are born. Deadheading is the process of eliminating these dead parts by simply plucking them using a sharp object. For maximum benefits you should do deadheading frequently.

proper deadheading

• Give them nutrients - if you want rapid growth of your flowers then increase their pace of growth. It’s as simple as that. Nutrients increase the pace of growth and make your plants stronger. There are various kinds of fertilizers and nutrients available in the market in Enfield. Be regular in feeding nutrients to your plants and make sure that you don’t overdose. Garden experts say that using organic fertilizers bring better results compared to conventional nutrients. Organic fertilizers are a worthy investment.

garden maintenance

If your busy schedule does not allow you to devote enough time to your garden, then consider hiring gardening services to handle hedge trimming and pruning and lawn maintenance.

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