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For all types of weed killing, weeding and weed removal, City Garden is the company you should contact. Our professional weed killing service gives you the professional help you  need in keeping the weeds in your garden under control. It's just one of a number of different gardening services offered by our company and one of the most important of all. As any gardener or garden lover knows, weeds can dramatically affect the well-being and appearance of any garden. They can affect other plants and flowers in your garden as well as grow and multiply at an alarming rate. No matter how skilled a gardener you may be, now and then it helps to call in some professional help. We give you that expert help, the knowledge and expertise that comes from many years dealing with all kinds of weeds and every type of garden.

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It may be you want a one-off weeding service or like many of our existing clients you can hire us on a regular basis to keep everything under control and manageable. We keep our prices pleasingly low so that we are affordable for everyone and this means the garden you care for need never be overrun by those unwanted and unpleasant weeds. Garden weeding can also be a physically demanding task as well as time-consuming. With one phone call to our company however, you can have someone else do the work for you and afterwards you can simply enjoy a garden which is free of weeds. To find out about our prices and more about our service, call us now on 020 3743 8239. Garden weed control is an essential aspect of keeping any garden looking at its best. Calling us is the first step in keeping the weeds in your own garden under control.

By hiring our weeding service, you'll be hiring professional garden experts who have the equipment and resources to remove all types of weed without damaging anything around it. In many ways, professional weed killing takes a technical expertise that also comes with experience and a knowledge you only get with our company. No true garden maintenance is complete without weed removal. It's an essential part of keeping any garden the way you want it to be and as well as making sure your garden is pleasing to see, using our service is cost-effective because we can eradicate weeds on a long-term basis which stops you having to hire or consistently carry out weed killing, weeding and other kinds of weed control. We are easy to hire and we give you an efficient service which causes you the minimum disruption because our expertise allows us to identify the specific problem fast and deal with it effectively.


Our much-praised and highly-regarded garden weeding firm is used by many homes, as well as many commercial enterprises, who need weed control immediately and comprehensively carried out. At the heart of our gardening services, including garden weed control, is the fact we care about gardens and love the gardens we tend to. Professional weed killing, weeding is something you can't afford to be without. We understand this and it's why we look on our service as a kind of garden emergency service that is always there for you in your hour of need. Don't let your garden be overrun by weeds. Once they take hold they can cause extensive problems for any garden. However, the solution is simple. Call City Garden now on 020 3743 8239 and we'll send the experts to where you are to get rid of the weeds you need to get rid of fast.

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Our Testimonials
L. Walden 2022/06/01
I hired their gardening services as I needed some urgent gardening work completed. They did an exceptional job. Considering I needed them urgently, I still paid a fair price for the job too.
K. Lomas 2022/05/07
I booked them in for a spot of weed killing. My garden needed it. The service, and their team, came up trumps for me.
K. Glynn 2022/05/02
The gardeners from City Garden did a sterling job for me. I asked them to accomplish a lot during the time I'd hired them for. They proved they were up to the challenge and did a brilliant job for me.
R. Carlisle 2022/04/23
I wanted the weed killing to be done as quickly as possible. They sent someone over the very next day. Everything was done with precision and left it looking incredibly neat and beautiful.

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