Power Washing and Jet Washing That Gets Your Patio and Stonework Truly Clean


Whether it's for your deck patio, stone paving or even your driveway, our power washing and jetwashing service is the ideal way to get them cleaned. No more will you have to consider getting down on your hands and knees to scrub away and often be left with a job which seems half done. With our expert pressure washing, all dirt will be cleared away and even the most stubborn stains can be dealt with. High-powered jet washing can make light work of any work. If you have a busy lifestyle and you just don't have time to do this essential cleaning yourself, then all you have to do is get in touch with our company. We offer a number of different gardening services which are aimed to making sure your garden is the best it can be. So, in addition to gardening jobs such as hedge trimming, lawn mowing and general landscape gardening, professional cleaning is also part of what we offer. For instance, it's so important to have your deck patio cleaned on a regular basis in order to give a good impression to all who see it and all who see your garden.

Patio Washing London

It's also beneficial, of course, in terms of hygiene and with our expert powered jet cleaning, it's the fast, efficient and comprehensive way to clean any wood or stone surface. We can also get into those nooks and crevices where moss and algae can accumulate. It's amazing the difference our patio cleaning service can make to your patio just as we can intensively clean any stonework which is in your garden. We take care not to damage the stonework itself or any wood decking. It's the advantage of hiring professionals such as ourselves who have so much experience in all kinds of cleaning and particularly in regards to garden furniture such as benches, garden steps, paths and all other garden features which should be cleaned.

By coming to City Garden, you're coming to a company that specialises in garden services and, put simply, knows what it is doing. More than that, we have garden specialists who care passionately about gardening and gardens in general. The result of this is you'll have garden cleaning that is done with a care and attention you won't find anywhere else. Call us now on 020 3743 8239 and you can also find out immediately just how wonderfully low our prices are.

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You'll just love what our high pressure washing can do and the difference it can make to your garden. Power washing and jetwashing is the best way to clean patios and stone paving and if you haven't the equipment or the time, then we have both. It simply makes sense to hire our company when it comes to cleaning your garden furniture and features. With our high-powered jet washing, we can even clean walls for you, in fact, we can clean anything you want us to clean and you'll also find our employees polite, helpful and professional.

No matter where you are and what size of garden you have, most of all you'll be delighted with what high pressure washing can offer you. Maintaining a garden means taking care of many different things and it's often forgot that simple cleaning is an essential part of that especially when you have garden stone features or wooden decking. Let our jet wash service give you the powered jet cleaning that can get rid of dirt once and for all and make your garden look so impressive. No one gives you better power washing and jetwashing than City Garden. Call us today on 020 3743 8239 and whether it's patio cleaning, stone cleaning or anything else you wish to have done, it will be done to perfection thanks to our wonderful garden cleaning service.

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Our Testimonials
Joey Miller 19/08/2019
I needed some jet washing done at my property and hired these guys after a friend recommended them. They did a great job and cost less than I expected.
Corey K. 17/03/2020
We were looking to hire a garden landscaper to make power washing to our yard. The guys from City Garden have done an exceptional job and charge very reasonable rates.
Harry G. 16/07/2019
I recently bought my dream home and wanted a decent landscaping service to handle garden care maintenance. These guys are affordable, and they get the job done right. I am very happy with their team.
Jamie R. 14/07/2019
That is a fantastic power washing service. They have done wonderful work at my rental property. City Garden is also one of the better-priced options in the area.
Jason Phillips 12/08/2019
My cousin suggested City Garden's power and jet washing services. He had used them a few times in the past, and they have always done a good job. They came out to my property yesterday and did such a good job that I hired them to come out weekly.
Joe W. 12/05/2019
My previous landscaping service was fine, but I started looking for a better one. I came across this one, and they had wonderful reviews. I figured I'd give them a shot and I am glad that I did. They have a terrific job and charged less than other companies I called.
Zack J. 04/06/2019
That is the only jet washing service I use. These guys are cheap and know what they are doing. I would highly recommend City Garden!
Meghan Strickland 04/04/2019
I am very happy with the power washing from City Garden. They have done wonderfully and completely cleaned my property. I will be using their services again in the future.
Stacy H. 03/03/2019
The guys just left my property, and the garden looks fabulous. The gardeners were professional and did a great job. The best part is that they are cheaper than all of the other landscaping services I called. I would happily recommend them.
Dana C. 02/03/2020
Many of the local landscaping services are out of my price range, but these guys had affordable rates. I gave them a shot, and they did a fantastic job. I am quite impressed. I will be passing their number to all of my neighbours.