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Garden waste can be anything and everything. It could be something such as bits of wood and metal to discarded foliage and soil. No matter what it is you want cleared from your garden, our garden waste collection and clearance service is what you're looking for. With excellent low prices and professional employees who know how to handle any type of debris and refuse, your garden clearance will be in good hands. We carry out a fast and efficient service and make sure that whether you're wanting leaves cleared from your garden or you want any type of junk which may be lying around disposed of, we can do it for you professionally, quickly and economically. City Garden carry out all types of garden maintenance and this includes clearing every type of garden from every type of refuse.

A build up of litter or other debris can happen naturally over time and even when you're looking after your garden, there is natural waste which can build up and make your garden look untidy or uncared for. If you have anything at all you want cleared from your garden then you should give our company a call now on 020 3743 8239. We dispose of all waste ethically and in an environmentally friendly manner whilst also disposing of rubbish in adherence to current legislation. By calling our garden clearing company, you can also receive a free quote on what you would like cleared so you know before anything else just how inexpensive our services are.

City Garden

Garden Waste Removal London

In order to keep any garden looking at its best, it's necessary to keep it clear of any debris and to keep it nice and tidy. It needs to be cared for on a regular basis and the first step in making any garden a more beautiful garden is to clear up any rubbish which is lying around. This can be both physically and hygienically hazardous however, if you don't know what you're clearing or it's a heavy load which takes a lot of physical effort. Our gardeners can do all the heavy and dirty work you may not be able to do yourself or want to do yourself and also make sure that everything you want to be cleared is done so in the correct manner and to your specific requirements.

Since garden clearance can be a deceptively difficult task which can take a lot of time and effort it makes sense to call our landscape clearance company since our prices are so low and we can save you so much work. It may be that you have already done a lot of work yourself which has created the refuse such as when you're mowing the lawn or planting new flowers and discarding old ones. You may have been pruning back trees or trimming a hedge or it could be an unexpected event such as someone else littering your garden. In every case, we give you the easy and welcome garden waste collection you want.

Clearing Gardens in London

So whether you want garden soil removal or garden waste removal of any kind, come to our garden clearance company. Our prices alone make it worthwhile and once you know how fast and efficient our services are, as well as how economical it is to use us, we are sure you'll use us time and again whenever you need to. It's surprising how much any amount of litter can disrupt the look of any garden. As such, it doesn't take much to spoil the full enjoyment a garden can give when something is just not right and especially when it's to do with unwanted garden junk or refuse. So if you want to enjoy your garden completely then there is a simple solution and that's to call City Garden. By calling 020 3743 8239, we'll give you the essential garden maintenance and garden clearing you need for a great low price.

Our Testimonials
Freda Foster 26/02/2020
City Garden's clearance services are much better than I expected. I told my friends all about them. Now they're busier than ever!
Teresa Logan 22/05/2019
I didn't know this company offered garden clearance until I called. They really came through in a pinch for me; I'd gladly hire them again.
Geoffrey Newton 18/04/2019
This company does a great job at garden clearance and design! Their award-winning creations are very highly regarded.
Derek White 12/06/2019
I have a large garden to clear and maintain. It usually takes me a few days to complete. That's why I decided to hire City Garden. They get the job done in only a few hours! I strongly recommend their services to anyone.
Donna Morris 10/07/2019
This service tailors its garden clearance services to each customer's needs.
Marilyn Stewart 05/08/2019
City Garden is well-known as the top garden clearance service. They're the only ones my friends, and I use. They offer a wide variety of services all at very competitive rates.
Melody Harris 05/03/2019
We decided to change things in our garden, but things got out of control in a hurry. My brother suggested using this company. They really fit the bill for my garden clearance and maintenance emergency. Thanks!
Heather Beck 04/09/2019
I hired a garden clearance from this service. They did all that I asked of them and added a few more things that I didn't even think of! Thanks again!
Alexandra Torres 03/05/2019
City Garden prides themselves on their garden services. They do things right the first time every time.
Lillian Graves 01/03/2019
To be more self-sustaining, we decided to grow our own fruits and vegetables. We enlisted the aid of City Garden to help with some of the garden clearance. What a wonderful company!