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City Garden has been around for quite some time and this has taught us that there’s really nothing better than seeing happy clients return to us. We provide high-quality gardening services meant to make your life easier – and your garden happier. We know very well what we are doing and, more than everything, we know just how important a beautiful and well-groomed garden can be for your clients. For this reason, we will never do anything half-heartedly and we will always want to make sure you are genuinely happy with the service we have provided, regardless of whether that is simply leaf clearance or actual lawn planting. We work with the greatest attention to detail in mind, so that we make sure not to leave anything you may not like behind. Furthermore, we will always listen to your wish and we will always make sure to follow it 100%. Contact us at 020 3743 8239 and convince yourself that we are really some of the best gardening services providers in your area and that we can truly change the way in which your garden, patio or lawn looks!

City Garden

The North London area is a splendid one both for those who simply visit it and for those who choose to actually live and/or work there. Like the rest of the London, the area is full of attractions and things to do – so that there is not the slimmest chance you actually get bored there. North from the River Thames, you will find an abundance of places to fall in love with. The Alexandria Palace and its beautiful architecture, for example, makes for one of the most beloved and popular tourist attraction in all of London. But that’s not the only thing worth your time when you are in the Northern part of London! Every single borough of this area is consisted of will bring you something great, interesting and entertaining.

From Harrow and Ealing to Barnet there will always be something great to do and something to be worth your attention. Aside from the Alexandria Palace, some of the best attractions in London are actually located North of Thames: the Camden Passage, the Esoteric Collection of Modern Italian Art and even the impressive Emirates Stadium as well.

If your business or if your residence is located in the North London area and if you need quality gardening services at your disposal, don’t worry too much about it because City Garden is here to provide you with the very best we can offer. We work at prices that are affordable for everyone, but our low fees never mean low quality as well. In fact, we are a gardening service-focused company bound to make the very best out of your garden. From landscaping to trimming and hedging, from lawn care to garden design we’ve really got all the types of services you may need for your garden. But even more than that, we always deliver the very best there is. All you need to do is to call at 020 3743 8239 and we will be there to ensure that your garden looks as if it was “torn” from a glossy magazine.

Garden Refurbishment North London

We can and we will make your garden feel more relaxing, cleaner and more polished. Call us today and we will come over and take care of everything you need us to do. Our North London landscaping services have become truly well-known out there – and it’s all due to the fact that we will actually go above and beyond to make our clients happy. Call us! We’re the gardening professionals you have been looking for!

North London Professional Garden Service

Our Testimonials
Norma H 2022/08/13
I hired a garden care package from City Garden and it really did make a massive difference. I'd recommend hiring such a service to anyone whose garden needs it.
Larry A 2022/08/13
Their garden maintenance team were prompt and professional. I let them loose in my garden and returned later that afternoon amazed at how beautiful, neat and tidy my garden looked.
Steve M 2022/08/11
Hiring this firm to carry out garden care for me made a great deal of difference to appearance, health and vitality of my garden. I'd recommend them to anyone whose garden is in need of a bit of professional care and attention.
Cory A 2022/08/09
This firm in North London carried out garden care for me the right way. I was absolutely thrilled with the results. It felt like I was walking into a new garden at the end of the service.

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