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There's perhaps nothing more satisfying than having a freshly mown lawn. The smell of newly cut grass and the lawn itself trim and neat. You don't need to do it yourself to have this satisfaction either. In fact, you can take great pride in the fact your lawn is freshly cut with you calling our professional lawn care company City Garden. One of the reasons we are so popular and used by so many homes is that not everyone has the necessary time to dedicate to garden maintenance. By making a call to our company however, we can take care of your grass cutting just as we can supply you with so many other gardening services. Perhaps, it's mowing the lawn however which is one of the most regular and necessary jobs which needs to be done in any garden. In order to keep your garden beautiful, professional grass mowing as offered by our company is essential.

We carry out lawn mowing on any given day and all year round. Another reason we are used by so many homes, and indeed commercial businesses, is we keep our prices so delightfully low. It means that when you look at your garden and think it's about time the grass was cut, all you need to do is give our company a call on 020 3743 8239 and one of our professional employees will take care of your garden mowing for you.


Grass cutting done by our professional staff gives your garden that extra special touch. In addition to saving you time and energy, you know the job will be done right and for a price which makes it even more worthwhile. You can still look over your lawn with great pride as you notice the clean cut lines and expert mowing you get with our garden maintenance company. Your lawn will be trimmed to perfection and looking so impressive to everyone who sees it. You could say, a lawn mowed by us is one that stands out from those around it and shows to everyone else just how much you care about the well-being and appearance of your garden. Lawn mowing, apart from anything else, can be a physically tiring activity which is another reason it can be best to leave it to our hard-working staff who, as horticulture experts, care about the work they do and every task they carry out. We understand the true importance of regular grass mowing and doing a good job.

We are the garden care company that is reliable, honest and professional. We arrive at a time and date which is entirely suitable for you and also, of course, take into consideration any specific requirements you have in relation to your lawn and the design of your garden. It doesn't matter how big or how small your lawn may be, if you need your lawn mowing then we have the people who can do it for you and make sure it's looking at its best once again in no time at all. Lawn care is something which we have an expert knowledge of and carry out on a daily basis. So when you're thinking about garden mowing think about City Garden. We are the practical help and the professional assistance you need to truly care for your lawn.

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Nothing says more about how you care for your garden than how the grass is cut and how regular it is cut. We make it easy for you to do and we make it affordable for you to hire professional garden mowing. Why not call us now on 020 3743 8239 and find out straight away just how great our prices are and, if you like, find out about the other garden services we provide. We would love to hear from you and be of assistance to you regarding your lawn.

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Our Testimonials
Caroline Bleacher 2021/10/06
Finest lawn mowing service. City Garden is a good company to patronise. They were punctual, hard-working and easy to deal with. Also, the prices were fair for what we received.
Helena H. 2021/09/30
The care and effort their team put into making my lawn look beautiful again is very much appreciated, has to be commended. I'd hire them again in a heartbeat.
Jim Stoker 2021/09/30
Out with the old, and in with the new! Our old, shabby lawn is now 100 percent better than ever before! Thanks to your fantastic lawn mowing staff!
Kyle Baker 2021/09/18
We booked these gardeners to come out to our home to do basic yard cleanup. They did such a fabulous job that we booked them to come out to do lawn mowing and basic garden care. Great decision! In short, great company to use and support.

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