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Hedge trimming is a necessary task to carry out if you're wanting to maintain any type of hedge. It's not only necessary in terms of appearance but it also keeps your hedge in a good, healthy condition. On average, hedges and bushes need trimmed around twice a year and trimmed or cut at least once a year. Our professional hedge trimming cutting service gives your hedge that professional look and makes sure this essential job is done right by gardeners who have experience and expertise in hedge cutting. Like many of our other garden services, hedge maintenance is something you just cant do without. Our professional hedge trimmers can make sure the hedge is looking just as you want it to look. We'll make sure the shape, width and height of your hedge are to your exact specifications.

Hedges can be such an important aspect of any garden and how that garden looks. An untidy hedge gives you an untidy garden no matter how well that garden itself may look. There are also safety aspects to be taken into consideration when it comes to hedges. Branches sticking out can cause injuries not only to the home owner but to anyone else who walks close to that hedge. Our service is designed to make having your hedge trimmed easier by giving you the manpower and saving you the time and effort it takes to trim a hedge as it should be trimmed. By coming to City Garden, you're coming to our garden care company that provides not just a professional hedge and bush trimming service but one that doesn't cost an excessive amount of money. At any time you can call 020 3743 8239 and find out more about the different ways we can care for your hedge just as we can care for your garden overall.

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No garden maintenance is complete without hedge maintenance being part of that. It's always handy to know that, even if it's just once or twice a year, at that time when you feel you need your hedge trimmed again, you know who to call. Our employees are professional, polite and helpful. They clean up afterwards and make sure no natural debris is left at all.

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Most of all, your hedge will be looking wonderful and impressive. A hedge is often the first thing people see when entering your garden and it's another reason why the more you maintain your hedge, the better the your garden will look. Hedge trimming, cutting is what we do on a regular basis for so many of our existing clients and what you should be doing as well if you're not doing it already. We cater for businesses and commercial enterprises as well as homes who need hedge cutting done to a professional standard. By keeping our hedge trimming prices low, it makes sense to hire our company and our wonderful professional hedge trimmers. We cover many areas and no matter where we go we always make sure we leave you with a beautiful hedge that is trimmed and neat.

Likewise, no matter what size of hedge you have and what type of hedge you have, we can take care of it and make sure it's looking wonderful. Don't let your hedge give a bad first impression, let your hedge or hedges be a sign that you care about your garden and its appearance. There is no reason not to with our hedge trimming, cutting available to you now courtesy of our gardening company and available at a welcome reasonable price. So call City Garden on 020 3743 8239 and find out for yourself just how good our prices are. If you want a hedge that will impress all who see it, then you should give us a call right now.

Our Testimonials
Cory A. 2022/06/02
The hedge pruning service was just what my wild, overgrown hedges needed. They needed to be pruned and trimmed, and this firm provided just that.
Ollie M. 2022/06/01
Their professional hedge cutting service ended up making a massive difference to the state of my garden. It wasn't in great condition. Their professionals soon rectified matters.
Paris A. 2022/05/19
The hedge pruning was done brilliantly. Due to the size of my hedges, it certainly wasn't an easy job. They handled it with ease and expertise that could only come from a top team of experienced professionals.
K. Vargas 2022/05/18
The hedge pruning City Garden carried out for me was done to precision. They took away the cuttings and left the area looking neat. Even my neighbours commented on just how beautiful my hedges looked when they set eyes on them.

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