quote The team at CityGarden blew me away with their exceptional work on my yard. I've already spread the word to a friend so they can also experience the magic of their gardeners.

  • Rene Hope
  • 19Jun 2024

quote We were thoroughly impressed by how efficiently they worked on our lawn, with a great level of professionalism.

  • S. Hawkins
  • 11Jun 2024

quote Having worked with several gardening companies in the past, I can confidently say that London City Gardeners's team of skilled and reliable gardeners is a cut above the rest.

  • Catherine.
  • 03Jun 2024

quote They are truly experts in their field.My grass appears perfectly groomed and properly trimmed thanks to their hard work.Dependable and punctual, I highly suggest them for all your lawn care needs.

  • Eric B.
  • 26May 2024

quote Efficient at securing quotes and offered great advice on lawn service companies. Gardening Services did an outstanding job. Went above and beyond once again and I will keep using their services.

  • Andy Baker
  • 18May 2024

quote Astounding promptness and impressive cost-effectiveness make this service one of the best options available.

  • Colin Granger
  • 10May 2024

quote Marvelous performance!! On-time arrival, amicable attitude, and informative suggestions on my lawn - he worked his magic on my neglected lawn and turned it into a breathtaking vista!

  • Aly S.
  • 02May 2024

quote Outstanding, arrived when scheduled by the gardeners' assurance, splendid pre-arrangement communication. Happy with the finished look and reserved for regular trimming.

  • Diana L.
  • 24Apr 2024

quote Exquisite craftsmanship, the paving looks impeccable and expertly executed, and the team has a friendly demeanor towards clients. I highly suggest them for any paving task. Completely satisfied with their work!

  • John K.
  • 16Apr 2024

quote Striving for excellence through kindness and consideration, this individual puts forth great effort in planning and executing the project for a superb finish. I cannot speak highly enough of their service and strongly urge taking advantage of it.

  • Freya Gibbs
  • 08Apr 2024

quote This team is not just skilled but also passionate about their work, which is evident in every detail of our garden.

  • Tim K.
  • 31Mar 2024

quote The bamboo may have been a challenge, but these experts knew exactly how to handle it.

  • Melissa J.
  • 23Mar 2024

quote Their customer service is unmatched, evident through their prompt completion of the task within the given timeline with minimal interference.

  • Douglas S.
  • 15Mar 2024

quote The completed work was exceptional and finished in a timely manner to our complete satisfaction with minimal disturbance.

  • Emily K.
  • 07Mar 2024

quote I couldn't be happier with this wonderful experience - my lawn looks stunning! The gardeners were efficient and dependable, and the price was very affordable.

  • E. Dytton
  • 28Feb 2024

quote Awesome communication skills at an affordable value.

  • Donna Lowe
  • 20Feb 2024

quote Commendable communication with a decent price tag.

  • Denise Walker
  • 12Feb 2024

quote From booking to delivery, everything about this gardening service was simply perfect. Highly recommended!

  • K. Matthews
  • 04Feb 2024

quote A hassle-free and top-quality gardening experience - that's what you can expect from this exceptional service.

  • Jay Russell
  • 25Jan 2024

quote Thanks to City Gardeners, my outdoor area is now the talk of the neighborhood! Their gardener did an amazing job on my water feature, decking, pergola, and grass.

  • Alex
  • 15Jan 2024

quote I am grateful for the outstanding gardening service provided, thank you for your hard work and dedication towards making my garden look its best! Amazing communication!

  • Peter
  • 20Dec 2023

quote Genial and anxious to carry out whatever projects must be finished to render my lawn picturesque. Undeniably consistent and dependable landscapers.

  • Eliza
  • 28Nov 2023

quote A better service would be hard to find; these gardeners were exceptionally pleasant and obliging throughout, ensuring a superior level of craftsmanship when executing the project from start to finish.

  • Minnie
  • 14Nov 2023

quote Elated beyond belief with the grass cutting service and fee.

  • Wilma D.
  • 31Oct 2023

quote We appreciated the gardener's professionalism as they completed our project to perfection.

  • Laila Oslo
  • 19Oct 2023

quote This gardening company has everything covered. From my experience, no gardening issue is too big or small. I've had them around many times for all sorts and they always carry out very professional work.

  • Bob D
  • 27Jul 2023

quote An absolutely impressive success by the gardening staff - typical of them. Every aspect was well maintained with a professional touch; all personnel were knowledgeable and helpful - thank you so much!

  • Kristen D.
  • 07Jul 2023

quote London City Gardeners provided me with brand-new fencing along one side of my compact garden alongside freshly installed fence posts at the back - embarked on this mission within 24 hours whilst remaining punctual, courteous and reliable throughout their performance - absolutely recommended!

  • Alistair
  • 06Jun 2023

quote Superb effort from City Gardeners and their gardeners - very professional yet welcoming for the entire duration of the task. Highly likely to book them in for another session real soon!

  • Alicia Smith
  • 21Feb 2023

quote I'd thoroughly recommend this gardening company for any job. The teams they've sent to me have always done fantastic work. They're the best in the business by a long way as far as I'm concerned.

  • E. Richardson
  • 13Aug 2021

quote The best garden design service, so happy with the job City Gardeners did for us. Thank you!

  • Michelle S.
  • 06Aug 2019

quote The garden landscapers just blew me away with their level of expertise, how they went about implementing my garden design project. The end result rendered me speechless. Kudos to the team at City Gardeners for everything they achieved.

  • B. Salaun
  • 03Apr 2019

quote CityGarden completed the lawn mowing service and other small tasks around the garden quickly and professionally. It was a top-notch gardening service alright and I look forward to experiencing this level of service at their hands again.

  • Jamie
  • 29Mar 2019

quote Lawn care has always been an issue for me. London Gardening Company handled those problem areas with ease. The team were even kind enough to give me advice, tips to ensure my lawn remains in pristine condition, although I reckon I'll just leave it to the professionals!

  • Anna S.
  • 07Mar 2019

quote I needed gardening done at my home yet I did not have the time to do it. On a recommendation, I hired London City Gardeners. They were cost-effective and incredible workers.

  • Shane S.
  • 08Feb 2019

quote I needed to hire gardeners. A dear friend recommended London Gardening Company to me. They showed up at my business. The low prices and great work were precisely what my friend said it would be. I will not hesitate to use them again and again.

  • Ashely I.
  • 16Jan 2019

quote I have absolutely no complaints with the garden care service from Professional Gardeners.

  • K. Green
  • 20Dec 2018

quote Kudos to London City Gardeners and especially their gardeners who really did a terrific job in my back garden the other week.

  • K. Anderson
  • 08Nov 2018

quote The gardeners are experienced and efficient in their work. They're also passionate about gardening which makes a whole load of difference. Gardening Services provided a comprehensive service.

  • Jill K.
  • 09Oct 2018

quote I contacted London Gardening Company regarding a garden care service. They got back to me immediately and were in my garden a few hours later. It didn't take long for them to turn around the state of my garden. It was a remarkable service.

  • Alice L.
  • 10Sep 2018

quote My garden now looks awesome. It's all thanks to their gardeners. I never envisaged my garden could look so great. Professional Gardeners surprised and impressed.

  • Hope L.
  • 16Aug 2018

quote The gardeners from City Garden struck me as being incredibly passionate about all aspects of gardening. It showed in the manner of how they went about their service.

  • John F.
  • 02Aug 2018

quote The patio cleaning service was top-notch. They were done quickly and did a great job. My patio has never looked cleaner.

  • Kyle A.
  • 17Jul 2018

quote I find lawn mowing to be a pretty mundane task. I've always wanted to palm the job off onto another firm. But prices have always been too high. I found the right company for me at London City Gardeners. Their prices were reasonable, and in the end, they completed an outstanding service.

  • K. James
  • 29Jun 2018

quote The gardeners from CityGarden impressed from the get go and continued to amaze throughout. It was a great experience dealing with this company.

  • A. Paul
  • 12Jun 2018

quote I know that when I want something sorted out in my garden, I can call upon the services of CityGarden. I've used them time and time again over the years. I've used them over the winter when my garden gets messy and out of control. And I use them to get my garden summer-ready. They always do a fabulous job. They take a great deal of pride in their work and now I take pride in my garden.

  • R. Wykk
  • 29May 2018

quote Professional Gardeners completed a professional landscaping job. They did so at a fair price too.

  • Jeremy A.
  • 07May 2018

quote Their landscape gardeners essentially gave me a new garden. I can't thank London Gardening Company enough, haven't been able to stop singing their praises.

  • Lauren S.
  • 11Apr 2018

quote I've used CityGarden many times for a range of different jobs and will continue to use their gardeners in the future. They're hard-working, skilled individuals, and they always impress.

  • Sophie L.
  • 26Mar 2018

quote I wanted to put a rock garden in the garden of my new home but didn't know where to start. I found a special offer with City Gardeners. They were very professional garden designers and created a beautiful space. The dianthus they planted are my absolute favourite!

  • Thilde D.
  • 19Feb 2018

quote I keep my garden maintained and stuff, but I never wanted to mess with these giant hedges out front of my house. I didn't even know where to start! My dad told me to call CityGarden and they've just been out. My house looks less jungle landscape and more like an actual home! :D I'm really excited about it! I plan to keep using them in the future and not letting these hedges over run me again!

  • Robert
  • 07Feb 2018

quote My Dad is getting too old to get out and do all of the things he used to, specifically messing around outside. It's not something he enjoys anyway, and I worry about him, so I called London Gardeners for some basic gardening services. They did exactly what they promised they would, and gave us a very fair price. Dad was very pleased with their work, and was happy to have them around. I'm glad I don't have to worry about him doing all that at his age anymore! We will be lifelong customers!

  • Anne
  • 09Jan 2018

quote I called London Gardening Company to do some hedge trimming. There were no problems, just a fantastic service. My hedges look marvellous.

  • Olivia S.
  • 12Dec 2017

quote The gardeners that came around from London Gardening Company were fantastic. They completed the job at hand and did so in a terrific manner.

  • Nigel E.
  • 04Dec 2017

quote Lawn mowing is just something I hate to do. Because of Gardening Services and their prices, I don't need to do it anymore. I palm the responsibility off onto their team, and they've never failed to impress. Also, my wife's none the wiser!

  • L. Clarkson
  • 07Nov 2017

quote The lawn care service was priced reasonably, and the standard of their work was very high. I have absolutely no issues with any of the work carried out by London Gardeners.

  • Olivia S.
  • 26Oct 2017

quote I haven't stopped raving about London City Gardeners and their garden design team. They transformed the state of my garden, and did so quickly and easily. The cost of the service was cheap too, which was an added bonus.

  • Russell
  • 07Oct 2017

quote I have really enjoyed working with the gardeners at Gardening Services the last few weeks. From the moment I called up to make an enquiry, I felt really well taken care of. The team are all lovely, they really know their stuff, and they always make time for a bit of chit chat which I love. Excellent service all round.

  • Sasha Banks
  • 26Sep 2017

quote After hiring London Gardening Company these last few months I feel fairly certain I will never go back to doing the gardening myself. They literally do everything I need, but in half the time it takes me; everything from lawn mowing to dead-heading - whatever I need, they are always there.

  • Wilson Harley
  • 14Sep 2017

quote I had just recently expanded my garden and I needed help with garden maintenance. City Garden saved the day with their great service!

  • Sue U.
  • 29Aug 2017

quote After my home project got too much for me to handle, I called City Gardeners to help me with my landscaping project and I couldn't be happier with the work they completed.

  • Sam T.
  • 08Aug 2017

quote I am not very handy at gardening. I tend to have a black thumb rather than a green one, so Professional Gardeners has been a bit of a life saver for me! They are a very low-cost service too, so it's pretty easy on my wallet. They are all very kind and hardworking, great company!

  • Mike W.
  • 27Jul 2017

quote I hired London City Gardeners to help my mum with the gardening since she can't get up and down as well as she used to. She is very particular, but even she has been singing their praises. If my mum says they are good, you know they must be!

  • Brooklyn Q.
  • 05Jul 2017

quote London City Gardeners transformed my property from a rubbish bin to a tidy, lovely and picturesque garden. Well done.

  • Alison Squire
  • 28Jun 2017

quote Inexpensive service for the quality of landscaping accomplished. Excellent work and fair price by London City Gardeners, will recommend!

  • Clive Boothe
  • 13Jun 2017

quote I can't speak highly enough of Professional Gardeners. They did all of our garden design for an extremely affordable price. Two thumbs up!

  • Adam Presley
  • 31May 2017

quote Professional Gardeners are great gardeners. They arrived on time, worked hard and I am very happy with the result. An excellent and cheap service.

  • M. Taylor
  • 11May 2017

quote I'm never going anywhere else for gardeners, London City Gardeners is the only company I'll consider.

  • Rich
  • 24Apr 2017

quote The gardeners at City Gardeners reminded me of why I have a garden in the first place.

  • Diana
  • 07Apr 2017

quote Very content with the job that I received. Gardening Services has one of the best gardeners teams out there, and the price is right!

  • Marian Scott
  • 22Mar 2017

quote Thank you so much CityGarden. You saved my hide. I am not too great when it comes to garden care and I had the landlord coming to check out my house for an inspection. They had the property looking as good as new in no time and it was reasonably priced. Thanks once again.

  • M. Carter
  • 17Mar 2017

quote Cost-effective and efficient garden design service! City Garden sent a team who really knew their stuff.

  • M. Bushby
  • 10Feb 2017

quote Took advantage of their deals on garden care and didn't regret it! Saved time and money and got a wonderful garden! Thank you Professional Gardeners!

  • Fiona Parker
  • 18Jan 2017

quote Used their cheap gutter cleaning services and I am more than happy with their work. Would highly recommend Professional Gardeners!

  • Hazel
  • 07Dec 2016

quote I was looking for reliable garden landscapers when I found London Gardeners. The team came and turned my messy backyard into a garden paradise. The price I paid was budget-friendly. They didn't let me down! Would highly recommend!

  • B. Rudd
  • 17Nov 2016

quote Tree surgery is a tricky job - luckily CityGarden specialise in such tasks. They made my mighty oaks a sight to behold - an all-round terrific job and one that I've been showing off to friends and family ever since.

  • Garrett G.
  • 28Oct 2016

quote My garden had grown out of control. Lack of care and time meant that things had overgrown, become messy and unhealthy. I wanted to change things and my first target was my grass. I needed it mowed fully and properly and to do that, I'd require some help. Enter Professional Gardeners who could handle everything for me; they sent a professional around who was able to mow my lawn with ease. They were done with the grass cutting quickly and the result was fantastic.

  • Ian Pratt
  • 29Sep 2016

quote I've never been great at caring for my plants, but I do enjoy having a colourful garden. My garden has never looked better thanks to the experts at London Gardening Company. They regularly help me with my planting and plant care, making sure everything is healthy and looking its absolute best. I love how friendly the gardeners here are, and they always do great work. I'm very happy with this firm and won't be switching to another anytime soon!

  • Helen
  • 30Aug 2016

quote We needed help with our outdoor landscapes in both the front and back yards. The gravel and plants were to be relocated and the hedges needed to be trimmed. Hence we decide to call CityGarden for efficient landscaping services. They arrived on time and worked to meet all our needs. The landscape looks better than ever thanks to their excellent service and all their services came at affordable prices. We would surely recommend them to all those who need to revamp their outdoor landscape.

  • Freddie R.
  • 20Jul 2016

quote If you're looking for gardening experts in the area, this company is definitely the one! We used them for this first time a few weeks ago and wouldn't hesitate in using City Gardeners again. Professional service, very good finish to the jobs and great attention to detail. What more could you want?

  • Jon Dent
  • 25May 2016

quote I decided to hire CityGarden for my patio cleaning because they offered me the best price for the most experience. The equipment they used was really good and the job was completed very fast and with no difficulties. Once the patio was dry I was very impressed with what they'd achieved. A great service for such a good price!

  • Gerald Richards
  • 27Apr 2016

quote A fantastic experience! City Garden made the entire process simple and hassle free, taking care of my garden with one quick and easy garden maintenance service. The team that showed up at my door were clearly experts and experienced and I was amazed and mightily impressed with how they went about their work. I would definitely recommend their team to anyone in need of a professional service.

  • Kelly Marsh
  • 01Apr 2016

quote London Gardening Company carried out first class tree cutting last week and they did a superb job. The whole process was simple and stress-free. I could not be happier! Thanks so much for all your help!

  • Lois Gray
  • 24Feb 2016

quote I had been dying to have a water feature added to my garden and I wanted the job to be done properly. I knew I wasn't up to the task but I knew London Gardeners was. I had them do the work and was treated to a terrific result. They had my fountain installed and working within a few hours. There were no problems, delays or accidents, just a fantastic service.

  • Stacy W.
  • 15Jan 2016

quote CityGarden is such a great gardening company. My lawn got badly sun burnt over the summer and so I called them out recently to deal with lawn repair for me and they really surprised me. I had to look twice at the price because I thought they had missed a digit off the bill. Affordable prices and high quality services!

  • Marie Allen
  • 05Jan 2016

quote City Garden were great when I wanted a lawn mowing service. I had a lawn that needed attention as it was dry and brown and looked unhealthy. I used this company and they helped revive it and get it in tip top condition. The gardeners were knowledgeable and knew exactly how to save the existing grass rather than replacing it! Great work and cost, thanks!

  • Kim Barber
  • 03Dec 2015

quote London Gardeners were so helpful when I wanted a patio cleaning service. I had a party planned and wanted the outside area to be immaculate, and that meant cleaning the patio! I didn't have the proper tools so decided to hire help. This company sent a team over and got to work with the high powered pressure washers to deep clean the paving slabs until they looked almost like new! The service was inexpensive and done with care and caution.

  • Phillip Peterson
  • 17Nov 2015

quote Professional Gardeners did a super lawn mowing service when I broke my arm. I was so grateful that this company could help with this chore, and at such a good cost. I hired the gardeners for weekly appointments and they arrived on time each week to do the lawn. The competent members of staff were friendly and hard-working and soon sorted out the lawn.

  • J.Campbell
  • 04Nov 2015

quote Professional Gardeners were brilliant when I needed a hedge trimming and pruning service. I didn't know a lot about shrubs and trees, so though it best to hire help. This company did a good job with the trimming and hedging, and cleaned up the mess afterwards, too! The service was well worth the money and a really great help.

  • Patrick W.
  • 20Oct 2015

quote I moved to a new house but the garden was a mess! I urgently needed some assistance and hired a local company called London Gardeners. I was impressed with how efficient the office was; I got a meeting with a professional to go over what gardening service I needed. I booked for a garden clean up to get organised and then continued with maintenance work on a regular basis. The gardeners were hard-working and reliable, and did a really good job for the money they wanted.

  • Gregory Bell
  • 09Oct 2015

quote I hoped that the promising endeavour of choosing London Gardeners to take care of my garden wouldn't come back to bite me. Booking with their company was definitely the right choice. They provided me with a cheap and cheerful service that turned out to be outstanding in terms of quality. Great job by everyone involved!

  • Howard James
  • 30Sep 2015

quote I had a weed infestation problem on my hands. Thankfully, London City Gardeners provided a solution - they devised a comprehensive weed control programme for me. Now weeds have become a thing of the past and I can enjoy my lovely garden without any worries.

  • Amanda F.
  • 25Sep 2015

quote City Gardeners provided me with a thorough gardening service. I needed them for a one-off job and was able to hire them for exactly what I required. Their team arrived when I expected and they were quick to get to work. They did simple things such as cutting the grass, trimming the hedges and trees, removing weeds, etc. They helped add new plant life to my garden and tended to my existing fauna. They worked to make everything look good and to ensure everything was healthy. It's a fantastic service I have to recommend to everyone looking for gardening support.

  • Bryan Good
  • 02Sep 2015

quote If you are looking for first rate one-off gardening, then I recommend that you get in touch with London City Gardeners. They were able to complete all of my gardening work in just one day. They left no aspect overlooked and neatened the area up. They helped me add new features, plants and ornaments, reinvigorating my garden, and I'm sure they can do the same for you.

  • Lori King
  • 25Aug 2015

quote The team from CityGarden came and checked the soil for us, they also advised us on the best plants to grow in our garden. I have always fancied the idea of having a lavender hedge and they helped me do just that. I am quite pleased with the work done by the expert gardeners. My friends who visit my house are in awe of the lavender hedge. I can't tell you how happy I am with the work done by your team. They took into consideration all my suggestions too! Such an awesome team of gardeners!

  • Mrs. Bailey
  • 18Aug 2015

quote The team from London Gardeners are well informed about plants, flowers, landscaping and garden maintenance. I was amazed with their creativity; they have developed an eye-catching family garden in our property. Their services are definitely value for money. The best bit is that they love what they do and their passion for gardening encourages them to think out of the box in order to create stunning gardens.

  • Brian J.
  • 06Aug 2015

quote City Gardeners have been maintaining our garden for over two years now. The team of gardeners are now developing our garden to suit different seasons. They are excellent at what they do and they also share brilliant gardening ideas. As per my request they have now helped me build a small vegetable garden which has kept my family in good supplies all year round. I feel really lucky to have come across such an efficient team of gardeners!

  • Mrs Laura Allen
  • 30Jul 2015

quote When London Gardeners were finished with my garden, it had been transformed into a clean and clear space that I could finally look forward to making use of. I hadn't seen my garden in such a state for many months and I was kicking myself that I hadn't called their team earlier. Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work!

  • Maya
  • 20Jul 2015

quote I can't thank Professional Gardeners enough for the outstanding work they did in my garden. When they finished, my hedges had been pruned and were neat and trim, my lawn was short and very tidy, and my entire garden had been de-weeded. Everything had been completed to meet my exact requirements, and the gardeners were very personable too, making them a pleasure to be around for the duration of their work.

  • Sean
  • 10Jul 2015

quote It can be hard to find a reliable gardening service locally but CityGarden fits the bill perfectly! They offer such a wide range of great value gardening services from lawn planting through to garden landscaping and they always speak to you about what they are going to do before they start. It feels as though you are really being catered for and that they care about what your impression as a customer is.

  • Valeria
  • 03Jul 2015

quote My garden was absolutely covered in leaves and because it was so we I was worried they would all pulp down and become slippery. I have young children and so where there's a chance of them falling over, I like to prevent it. I had seen on the side of a Gardening Services van that they did leaf clearance and so I gave them a call. They arrived and removed the blanket covering my garden in an instant. The best thing was that their services were so cheap!

  • T. Fisher
  • 23Jun 2015

quote The harsh winter months had taken their toll on my lawn, and as a busy working professional, I had never quite gotten to addressing the issue. The dried patches of grass looked hideous and my wife was complaining that we couldn't host a barbecue in such a dreadful looking garden. So, I called in London Gardeners to provide the lawn repair and maintenance that my garden so desperately needed. They have done such a great job that I will be hiring them regularly for lawn mowing and weed control from now on.

  • Peter Fowler
  • 12Jun 2015

quote A new lawn and driveway welcomes me every evening when I get back home. The landscaping of the front garden has been carried out with excellent attention to detail. Within just a span of three days the team at London Gardeners were able to tidy up the garden and landscape it to perfection. As per my request they have planted some beautiful flowers along the driveway, which makes my driveway look stunning. I would like to hire the same team again for their exceptional skills and hard work.

  • Mark S.
  • 02Jun 2015

quote I recently engaged CityGarden during summer to beautify the sprawling garden behind my house. When they started the project, the garden was overgrown and I was concerned how they would manage untangling and revealing each plant. But I must admit that I was taken aback by their expertise and knowledge of plants and gardening in general. Hire them and you can be assured that the experts will bring out the best in your garden. They are now maintaining our garden on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to look awesome.

  • Brad Richard
  • 18May 2015

quote We recently got some lawn planting done by City Gardeners and are delighted with the results. The lawn looks fantastic and our neighbours have praised our aesthetically presented drive. The gardening crew have impressed us with their skills and expertise. I am absolutely thrilled and am waiting for my kids to return from their vacation to Greece. They will surely be amazed at how the garden has been transformed in such a short time.

  • Amy Grey
  • 08May 2015

quote Garden Maintenance are one of the best gardening companies I've ever had the pleasure of hiring. They worked wonders with my hedges and lawn, and now my garden looks like a professional one! This service is affordable, the gardeners are friendly and helpful, and the work is done to a very high standard. I can see myself hiring this company for years to come! Thanks for all of the great work - I've recommended this company to everyone I know!

  • James R.
  • 28Apr 2015

quote I can't believe the difference that City Garden has made to my garden! My lawn is greener, my plants are healthier, my flowers even seem brighter - I don't know how they've managed it, but this is the best gardening company I've ever used! I called them for their lawn care services, but now have tried their planting and design services as well. I'm really happy with how this company works, the gardeners are friendly and it's affordable too! Very pleased!

  • Nick
  • 18Apr 2015

quote If you want a reliable gardening company that won't let you down then I have to recommend CityGarden! They've done for my garden what so many other gardening companies failed to do, and now I have a stunningly beautiful garden that I couldn't be happier with! I hired the company for their design services, and what they've achieved is better than my wildest expectations. Thanks to the gardeners for all of their hard work and effort, keep up the good work!

  • Lauren
  • 08Apr 2015

quote This company did a fantastic job with my lawn care and planting. I was hesitant to use such an inexpensive service, as I thought that would mean they'd do a sub-standard job, but luckily I was very wrong! I have a really friendly gardener who is very skilled and definitely knows what he's doing. The cost of the service is good too - you get really good value for money. I couldn't be happier with the gardening help I've received!

  • Joe G.
  • 29Mar 2015

quote My time working with CityGarden has been a delight. They always arrive on time, they're polite and flexible, always with a kind word to say before efficiently getting underway with the garden. It gets better over time, since every time they come they kill off new weeds and suppress the old ones so they never show their shoots at all. I have a brilliantly green garden peppered with flowers and shrubs. I never thought it'd be possible to make the garden look so good.

  • Rich E.
  • 19Mar 2015

quote The garden was starting to become populated by more wild animals and weeds than a nature reserve so I resolved to get a gardening service in to sort it out. I needed the leaves clearing out, the patio cleaning, the grass cutting, the weeds killing and all the waste removed at the end of the process. This came up to a very affordable rate which I was more than happy to hand over, espe-cially considering the quality of work they gave me.

  • Owen
  • 09Mar 2015

quote I'm all for having a nice garden, but time doesn't allow it really. I'm balancing a busy work life with my own personal freedoms and gardening will never be top of the list of hobbies. I called in CityGarden to give myself a bit more time to myself where I can just do anything I want instead of doing chores. When they come round I always get to have a real bit of time off where other people do my chores for me. You can't imagine the perfect sense of harmony that gives me! They come highly recommended.

  • Herbert Y.
  • 26Feb 2015

quote Mowing the lawn is a literal drag. As in, dragging a lawnmower around for however long it takes. I have more interesting things to be doing as I think most people do, so I called CityGarden who have gardeners who get the luxury of being paid for things like that. They did such a stellar job that I've asked them to get involved with a full restructuring of my garden area including patios, paths and an arboretum to the south complete with an orchard complex. I feel relieved in the fact that there will never be a weed surfacing again.

  • Mark L.
  • 16Feb 2015

quote Before CityGarden came and did maintenance I wouldn't even let someone else's dog go into my garden. It looked more like a tip than a tranquil escape from the city. It had all the charm of the verge of a major motorway, since the previous owners seemed to enjoy throwing plastic cups out of the window into the grass, and who knows what else. Now it is a gorgeous garden, fully land-scaped and with a brand new lawn. As silly as it sounds, I owe a debt of gratitude to CityGarden for turning my life around.

  • Amy
  • 04Feb 2015

quote I've been using CityGarden for quite a while now and they've always done a great job. The boys are always flexible, courteous and nothing is too much trouble for them. They do patio cleaning, prune the shrubbery, plant flowers in the rockery and cut the grass with the straightest lines I've ever seen. I'd have no hesitation recommending this affordable firm to anyone, I will never want to use another service when this one can do the job perfectly. Overall, I'm very pleased and looking forward to their next visit.

  • Joshua
  • 22Jan 2015

quote I just want to tell everyone about the amazing experience I've had with CityGarden over the past few weeks. Not only are they experienced with trimming, pruning and tidying, they always come at the right time. They're never early or late, so they don't mess me around. Some work outside is a hard job for me since I'm not great with manual labour, but the gardeners are very able at what they do and make it look simple enough for anyone to do it. I've found out the hard way that it's not.

  • Poppy
  • 12Jan 2015