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Every garden needs garden maintenance. It's a simple fact that a garden will naturally grow over time and in order to keep it looking at its best you need to have some control over how it grows. Even when you want your garden to look natural and flourishing, professional gardening services such as offered by our garden landscaping company can make such a difference to how good it looks. Our landscaping services cover all aspects of professional gardening from the smallest but essential of gardening tasks to major landscape maintenance when you want to transform or give your garden a completely new design and look.

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City Garden have been praised far and wide for the landscaping services which give you the expertise and knowledge of professional gardeners as well as a practical, manual help which is always welcome no matter how big or small your garden is. Through our many years of being in business, we know that every single garden is a unique living space which needs to be cared for as such. You'll find with our garden services that we give you that professional, yet personal, touch your garden requires. First of all, we give you a great price. This is why when you call us on 020 3743 8239 we'll provide you a free quote and listen to what you would like to have done in regards to your own garden.

Garden maintenance can take many forms. It may be simply you want your lawn mowed or you would like trees pruned back or perhaps it's your garden furniture which needs a spring clean. It's times like these you can call us up for jet washing your deck patio or for a general garden tidy up such as hedge trimming or even getting rid of unwanted garden waste. If you look at your garden and think there are something which could make an improvement to it then we can help make it happen and also do it for a great low price. We love gardening as we are sure you do yourself and as such we love gardens.

So, at the heart of our landscaping services, you'll find your garden is treated with extra care and attention. We also never forget that the garden is, above all, your garden. That we carry out your ideas and we give you the opportunity to let your gardening imagination become a reality. Garden landscaping is something we are proud to say we have been doing for quite some time and we can also add our own knowledge and expertise to your garden ideas if you so wish. Keeping your garden in trim can take both physical effort and technical know-how. Our landscape maintenance employees can do the dirty and heavy work for you and we can also carry out the highly skilled work for you. We do everything you may not be able to do yourself.

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You'll find it's a delight to use our gardening services because it means your garden will always be looking at its best. We give you the very best of garden maintenance whether it is trimming the lawn, killing weeds, removing rubbish or leaf blowing. You will also find our employees polite, helpful and informative. It's the landscape maintenance service that is based around what you need and want. We give you a garden you can always be proud of and always say you look after all year round. To find out about our whole range of services call us now on 020 3743 8239. City Garden is a company that will care for your garden as you care for it yourself. No matter how you would like to improve your garden or maintain your garden, call us today and we'll be delighted to give you the help you need.

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Our Testimonials
Paris M. 2022/06/01
I used City Garden and their gardeners to do some general maintenance work for me. My garden was very large and messy, so it was by no means an easy job. But the team that showed up took care of everything, managed the job superbly.
Dawn A. 2022/05/24
Hiring City Garden for lawn care benefitted the state of my lawn immensely. My lawn garden wasn't in a great state. Their professionals knew what they were doing and soon rectified matters.
L. Stokes 2022/05/20
The garden maintenance team probably hadn't encountered a garden as messy as mine was. Nevertheless, they assured me they'd be able to rectify the situation. They certainly did that. It was a great service.
Caroline H. 2022/05/17
I want to say a big thanks to their garden maintenance team for carrying out a massive garden transformation for us. It was very impressive work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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