Professional Deck Patio Cleaning That Cleans and Cares for Your Patio

A deck patio can be an attractive addition to any garden yet it's important that the deck itself is kept as clean as possible. This is easier said than done, however, because, naturally, any deck patio can be walked on a daily basis and because of variable weather, it can easily become muddy and stained. However, it needn't always be like that thanks to our deck patio cleaning service. This is the wood cleaning that is done by our expert employees using power washing and jet washing to make sure your deck patio is looking back to its best in no time at all. It may be you have stone paving that needs to be cleaned and likewise, our paving cleaning service makes sure your paving, as with your patio, looks the way you want it to look.

City Garden

Our deck cleaning service is not just advisable in terms of improving the appearance of your deck patio but also in terms of hygiene and general cleanliness which is necessary for your property. City Garden carries out patio deck cleaning on a regular basis for so many of our existing clients. It's a job which needs to be done right and although we clean thoroughly and comprehensively, we take great care in order not to damage your deck patio. You'll be delighted with the results of the cleaning that is done by responsible, polite and professional employees who have great experience in all kinds of decking cleaning. To find out about our prices which are as low as you'll find anywhere and know more about the service and, if you like, the other gardening services we have, you can call us now on 020 3743 8239 and we'll give you all the information you need to know.

We make sure your deck is as clean as it can be. We make sure that all stains which can be cleaned will be cleaned and also get rid of any other unwanted elements such as moss, weeds and algae which can grow between cracks and spaces. A beautiful clean deck can transform the overall appearance of your garden as well as making it the hygienic area it should always be. As much as it can be easy for your decking to become tired looking through neglect and time, including having marks and dirt which are unattractive, thanks to our deck patio cleaning service, it's just as easy to get your decking clean in no time at all. Our decking cleaning service is just one of a number of gardening services offered by our gardening company and our reputation alone assures you that an excellent cleaning job will be done.

Cleaning Deck Patios

In many ways, it's essential you have this service if you care about the way your garden looks and, of course, how you're deck patio looks. A deck patio can be such an important element of any garden and, indeed, the home or property that means so much do you.

Patio and Deck Washing London

This deck cleaning is something that should be done on a fairly regular basis. Yet, if you haven't the time or perhaps you haven't the necessary equipment or maybe you just would prefer someone else to do it, we can do it for you. We have an experience and expertise in all types of patio cleaning and particularly in terms of garden deck patios which often need that extra bit of care and attention. So when you're looking for a patio deck cleaning service that, in addition to being expertly carried out, also has a great value price, call City Garden. We are the experts in deck patio cleaning and wood cleaning and by calling 020 3743 8239 you can find out more information about this essential service as well as hear just how low our prices are.

Our Testimonials
Kelly Brighton 25/03/2019
I am absolutely thrilled with the work done in my garden, guys! It looks incredible. City Garden has the best team in the entire area!! I would definitely recommend their services.
Channon L. 25/02/2020
When mum broke her hip a few months back, and with dad gone, I was helping her around her house, including all gardening duties. I eventually could not do it all on my own, so decided to hire a cleaning team as well as a landscaping service. These gardeners handle most of the properties in the neighbourhood and have been doing a great job on mums too. I am even considering hiring them to do some work on my house. Great landscaping crew.
Matt Jenkins 24/08/2019
I hired the gardeners from City Garden when I first purchased my house about a year ago. They are very affordable, and the guys always do a fantastic job on my property. They keep up on the garden, and I've heard more than once that mine is the nicest in the neighbourhood. I would gladly recommend their services to friends. It's a terrific landscaping service.
Sherrilyn P. 20/05/2019
Out of all of the gardening services, this one is most certainly one of, if not the, best. They did an excellent job with my deck patio cleaning and charge fairly reasonable rates.
Cara D. 17/03/2020
When my husband passed a little over a year ago, I was quite lost. He had handled so much, and I did not even know where to begin. A neighbour suggested I hire City Garden's landscapers to help out in the garden. They visit my property twice a week, and it looks lovely.
Tionna P. 17/03/2019
I couldn't believe how clean the patio becomes. When I hired this company, I did not know what to expect because the prices are much cheaper than others in the area. They did an incredible job, and they will take care of my property from now on!
Heather B. 15/07/2019
I would never use any other landscaping service. These guys are the best I have ever hired and cost less than previous gardening services I have used.
Caroline F. 10/06/2019
The lovely blokes at City Garden did a wonderful job for my deck patio. I was very happy with the end result, and they have reasonable rates as well. Highly recommended!
Autumn Beller 10/06/2019
That is a terrific gardening service in East London. They do great work cleaning my deck patio, and they are incredibly fast. They did a better job than my old gardeners in half the time.
Patricia S. 08/07/2019
I have used City Garden landscapers quite a few times. They are professional yet affordable. Best landscaping service in the area, no question. I will be using them again.