How To Care For Your Garden Flowers in Hampstead

31Mar 2015

flower garden care

Flowers can dramatically change the appearance of your garden in Hampstead, filling it with colour and really setting it apart from other gardens in your neighbourhood. If you don’t properly care for the flowers in your garden, however, they can wither, age and die, making your garden appear messy and unkempt. If you’ve just planted flowers in your garden and you’re looking for advice and help on how to care for them then you don’t need to look any further!

watering flowers

1)    Watering your flowers.
It’s difficult to know how often, or how much, you should water your flowers. Before you plant them, make sure you fully understand their needs and requirements so that you can be clued-up on how to care for them. Flowers planted in direct sunlight will need more water than those in shadier areas, so make sure you’re adapting your watering schedule to account for this. Another good tip is to keep a bucket of water in your garden, so that you can measure the rainfall. This will ensure that you know how much natural water your flowers have consumed, and how much more they might need.

garden maintenance

2)    Fertilising your flowers.
Fertilising your flowers on a regular basis will keep them looking healthy and bright for longer. Organic fertilisers tend to be the best for most flowers, though you should check with your local gardening centre in Hampstead, NW3 to see which types of fertiliser are best for the flowers you have in your garden. Just like with water, too much fertiliser can have a negative effect on your plants, so make sure you’re watching how often and how much fertiliser you’re using. Flowers in the sun will need more than flowers in the shade – don’t kill your flowers by using too much fertiliser!

garden spraying

3)    Getting rid of pests.
If you’re seeing slugs, snails or any other types of bugs and pests in your garden then you need to protect your flowers the best that you can. Have a look in your gardening centre or visit a local gardening fair to see what products you can use that will prevent pests from approaching your flowers, but that won’t damage the growth of your plants. If you have a specific pest that you can’t get rid of, try finding out what their favourite plant is, and plant this near to your flowers as a decoy. The pests will gravitate towards their favourite flower, leaving your flowerbed alone.

weed control

4)    Weeding.
Weeds don’t just look unsightly, they can affect the growth of your flowers. Take the time to search your flowers and flowerbeds for weeds and remove them as close to the root as possible using gardening gloves. Find a weed-prevention product that is safe for use near your flowers, and make sure to use this once all weeds have been removed from the root, as these products won’t work if weed seeds are already present.

hire gardeners

5)    Hiring professional help.
There are lots of gardening companies in the Hampstead area that can help you with every type of gardening service imaginable. You won’t need to worry about your plants and flowers if you have gardening experts to do the job for you, so it’s worth finding out what gardening services are available for you. Have a look into planting services, garden spraying services and garden care services so that you can find the right help for you.

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