Top Tips For A Healthy Gardener In Twickenham

30Jun 2015

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Gardening in Twickenham has a lot of benefits such as getting a person out in the fresh air, keeping active and enjoying rewarding benefits at the end of it all. But sometimes heavy lifting, kneeling and bending down can take its toll on the body. It’s important to keep healthy as you tend to your plants so that you can get the best out of your garden without having to deal with the back ache afterwards.

1.    Not everyone can afford garden maintenance services but if there are a few tasks that are simply too much then it’s worth looking into the costs. If you have a large unruly lawn then call in the gardening experts in Twickenham, TW1. Lawn mowing from gardening professionals can be surprisingly inexpensive.

grass cutting

2.    Weed control. There are a few tools on the market to protect the back when pulling weeds. Long sticks are helpful for when bending down is getting too much and you can look into garden spraying if you feel like this task is getting on top of you. Put on some knee pads. When you are kneeling down for long periods of time then it’s important to protect your knees. You can make homemade knee pads with some old cushions or alternatively they are relatively cheap to buy. This will prevent any arthritis occurring in the future.

weed control

3.    Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids while out tending your garden in the TW2 area. It can be easy to get carried away when attending your plants and flowers so it’s important to remember to take breaks and keep a bottle of water close by so that you can keep cool under the sun.

stay well hydrated

4.    Look into natural gardening methods. There are plenty of garden products that contain chemicals that may be harmful to the lungs. Do some research into natural pest control methods, and fertiliser to make sure you are not breathing anything nasty into your lungs.

garden maintenance

5.    Look into the correct lifting methods. There are lots of diagrams out there that show the correct way to lift heavy items. The knees should be slightly bent. You could print one of these off and stick it to your door in TW1 to remind you when lifting heavy garden waste bags or other heavy items. It’s also a good idea to use the stomach muscles when bending over for long periods of time during things like leaf clearance and planting or digging. This can be really helpful in protecting your back.

proper lifting techniques

6.    Wear gloves. Our skin can be delicate unless it is used to the heavy work of sweeping and using tools. Blisters can occur easily and are often painful and can become easily infected. It’s important to wear gardening gloves in order to protect yourself. Gloves will also avoid any cuts when using any tools such as secateurs or trimming and hedging. Make sure you always carefully read any safety instructions when purchasing new tools for your garden. Make sure your mower has plenty of checks and store it safely during the wetter months. If your mower has a cord then take extra care when mowing and it’s a good idea to use a safety plug to avoid any accidents.

wear gloves

You garden in Twickenham should be a wonderful safe haven and a place to enjoy and as long as you follow along with some basic safety rules then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to safely enjoy your garden year round. Keep a first aid box nearby for any cuts and grazes and most importantly get out there and reap all the benefits your garden has to offer.

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