Preparing Your Garden In Wimbledon For Christmas

12Jan 2015

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True that you will probably not end up doing much gardening this December, but that does not mean that landscaping your garden in Wimbledon for the winter will go to nought. Come Christmas, and you can deck up the garden and show it off to your friends and family. The holiday break is also a good time to get rid of those chores that you have been meaning to do for a long time but never got around to doing eventually. Here are a few tips from gardening experts to give your outdoor area a quick, easy and inexpensive facelift.

1.    Mulch garden beds
Mulching your garden beds is a good investment to make early on in the winter. This way, your garden soil will be ready for planting by spring time. During the fall period in Wimbledon, SW19, the mulch will help retain moisture in your garden beds, stabilise the soil temperature and thwart the growth of weeds. If you want your garden to look pretty, add a layer of shredded leaves on top of it for aesthetic appeal.

garden edging installation
2.    Install garden edging
To prevent the snow from erasing the borders of your flower beds, edge your garden with artificial tiles or natural stones. Installing an edge will help demarcate the lawn from the garden bed and make it easier to maintain. Putting it up hardly takes much time or effort. You can choose from a variety of shapes and styles for the edges, creek rocks will do the job just as well. Dig a shallow gully along the edge and embed your edge blocks or stones in them. Use some soil or cement to seal the spaces in between and you will have a neat and tidy garden in no time.

build a path
3.    Building a garden path
Another way to make your lawn visually appealing is to add a garden path that can also act as a woods trail for the kids. This is a great way to utilize the waste space in the garden and will help you stay on neutral grounds during lawn maintenance. You are free to use any kind of material to pave the path - cement blocks, bricks, large format pavers, decorative pebbles, grass etc. If your path is going to be narrow, then it is important that you space the steppers correctly. A good way to judge that would be to walk along the trail and mark out where you place your feet. This would be a good place to place the pavers, but depending on how much space you allow between them, you might also have to put little ones in between.

driveway cleaning
4.    Wash the driveway
If you cannot do it yourself, get a professional gardening service operating in the SW20 area to come down and power wash your driveway or any paved area. These services do not cost much and are worth the money you pay for it. Not only will it make your front yard look clean and tidy, it will also remove any oil that has leaked from vehicles or moss and algae that has gathered on the surface.

lawn maintenance
5.    Lawn care
With the number of feet and paws that walk and jump through your garden in Wimbledon, your lawn turf must have worn away in some areas. A green, healthy stretch of turf will make your outside look bright, fresh and clean. So replace old and damaged turfs and plant new ones, a bright green lawn is bound to catch the eye of your Christmas guests.