How To Save Money On Seeds In Kingston upon Thames

28May 2015

plant seeds

Growing plants from seeds is a gardening tip most gardening professionals in Kingston upon Thames will recommend for its frugality. However, buying seeds in packets that are available commercially is turning out to be not so cheap after all. Seeds packets have become increasingly pricy and buying a variety can cost you as much as buying different plants. Additionally, one packet will have more seeds than a gardener will probably need for a home garden. You might store them but after a while, the seeds will become less viable. Here are some ways you can reduce the costs of buying seeds without compromising on the number of variety you grow.

choosing seeds
1.    Look for smaller packets at cheaper rates
Gardening service centres tend to have a lot more choices when it comes to buying seeds in Kingston upon Thames, KT1. They store stocks from a number of companies, some of which are local and hence are priced at affordable rates. Although price does not always reflect quality, there are a few companies who will give you good enough quality of seeds for low rates. Remember that a lot of the cost of seeds comes from the brand name and fancy packaging, so opt for the simple looking packets and you should get a good price. Some companies cater specifically to small-scale gardeners and so offer small quantities of seeds for lower costs. This might be exactly what you are looking for.

shipping fee
2.    Consider the shipping fee
If you are ordering only a few seed varieties from a catalogue, paying a flat rate shipping fee might turn out to be more expensive than the things you are buying. In such a case, it might be better to opt for a company that has a rising scale of shipping fees. However, if you are ordering in bulk, a flat rate might seem more economical.

gardening groups
3.    Have a gardening group
Gather some of your friends and acquaintances in KT2 who are gardening professionals and create a group list for seeds that all of you need. Have each person order only a few varieties and share with the members who want them. If you order them in bulk and have them delivered to the same address, you can save a lot of money.

swapping seeds
4.    Swap seeds
A good way to get a wide variety of seeds is to advertise your lot on social media or gardening forums and ask for what you are looking for. You are bound to find at least one gardening expert who is bound to have what you want. Keep in mind though that you will need to include the cost of postage in the deal as well.

combi seed packs 
5.    Opt for combo packs
You will often find seed packets containing a combination of 3 or more seeds offered at a discount price. Usually, these are generally available for vegetable seeds where they mix the popular species such as lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes etc. But sometimes you might even find these combo packs for flower seeds as well. Usually they offer a smaller number of seeds, which is ideal for small gardens in Kingston upon Thames.

garden care
6.    Shop at discount stores
For the more common varieties of seeds, discount stores offer inexpensive seed packets that are usually produced in-house but work as well as any for garden growth. However, do remember to always check that the seeds have not passed expiry date.

gardening society
7.    Join a public gardening group
Local gardens or gardening societies in the KT1 district will be able to provide you with the rarest kinds of seeds for planting, those that are not available elsewhere. Volunteering in these gardens will get you these seeds for free in exchange for a few hours of work each week.

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