How To Keep Your Garden In Kensington Free From Pests

15Apr 2015

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Nobody likes having pests in their garden in Kensington. Garden pests can easily damage and ruin your flowers, plants and garden vegetables, making it difficult for you to get your garden looking exactly how you want it to. If you’re looking for tips and advice on how to rid your garden of pests then you don’t need to look any further – here are some all-natural methods that you can use to say goodbye to your garden pests forever!

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1)    Planting your garden to deter pests.
There are some insects and pests that are deterred by a mixture of scents and appearances in gardens in Kensington, W8. If you want to avoid having to face the aftermath of a pest attack then plant your garden in a way that will confuse insects and bugs. Try to plant flowers, vegetables and plants from different families together, and mix strong-scented vegetation with those that don’t have a scent. This sounds too good to be true – but many garden pests won’t tackle a garden that has conflicting or unfamiliar scents, so try it in yours!

grow marigolds

2)    Using marigolds in your garden.
Did you know that planting marigolds in your garden can prevent nematodes from damaging the roots of your flowers and plants? Grow marigolds in a thick stand as a cover-crop in any area where you don’t want your plants to be affected by nematodes. Marigolds can be seen even in the most beautiful public gardens, so your garden will surely look great when you plant some too. Next season, turn the marigolds under the soil and plant whatever it is you like. You’ll find that these areas will be free from nematodes for the entire season!

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3)    Planting to distract pests.
A fantastic way to keep your crops safe is to find out which pests are damaging your garden, and then to plant their favourite plants as decoys. For example, the common striped blister beetle might be destroying your tomato plants, but if you plant a redroot pigweed then these pests will leave your tomatoes alone in favour of this, more appealing plant. It’s a good idea to take the time to find out what pests are affecting your garden, and see what decoy flowers and plants you can plant nearby.

moving mulch

4)    Move your mulch.
Mulch is really beneficial to your plants and vegetables as it helps to give you the best quality of soil, will keep weeds at bay and keep your soil moist. However, the dampness and darkness underneath your mulch makes the perfect home for a wide variety of garden pests. Check your mulch to see if you’re suffering from a pest infestation in the SW7 region. If you are, simply move your mulch back by a couple of inches to prevent pest attacks.

hire expert gardeners

5)    Hiring gardening professionals.
Pests in your garden can be a big problem, and if it’s one that you’ve been unable to tackle yourself then why not hire gardening experts in Kensington to help you out? Your local gardening companies should be able to offer you the gardening services that you need for lawn care, garden spraying and lawn restoration. Hiring professional help is a great way to tackle your pest problems without having to work for the results. Speak to companies in your area to find out what sort of services they have to offer. It’s a good idea to try asking your friends and family for recommendations first so that you can be sure you’re hiring a reliable and reputable company.

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