How To Care For Your Lawn In Fulham Like A Professional

11Mar 2015

lawn care

Your lawn makes up a huge part of your garden in Fulham, and if it’s looking a little worse for wear then it can make your garden appear messy, uncared for and unkempt. Caring for your lawn requires a little bit of effort, but you’ll see fantastic results that will give you the garden of your dreams! If you’re not sure how to care for your lawn, then follow these tips to maintain your lawn like a professional!

weed control

1) Getting rid of weeds.
Before you start work on your lawn you need to make sure that it’s free from weeds. To do this, scour your garden in Fulham, SW6 carefully for any signs of weeds. If you find any, pull them up as close to the root as possible so that they won’t grow back. Try using a lawn-safe weed prevention product to stop weeds from returning. Products like these are only effective before weeds start to germinate, so if you’ve just planted your lawn, or if you’ve effective removed all weeds from your garden, this is the best time to use your weed-killing or weed prevention products.

lawn mowing

2) Mowing your lawn.
Mowing your lawn can seem like a bit of a chore, but having trim grass means that your lawn will stay healthier for longer, and it will allow you to tackle any weed problems as soon as they appear. Make time in your busy schedule to mow your lawn. If you aren’t seeing the results that you want with your mower, try investing in one that will do the job properly.

pest control

3) Getting rid of pests.
Slugs, bugs, snails and lots of other types of pests can damage your lawn in the SW10 area, so make sure to deal with them properly. There are lots of pest-repellent products available on the market for you, just make sure that they’re safe to use on your lawn, and won’t kill or have an adverse effect on your grass. If you have pets in your home, it’s worth seeking out pet-friendly alternatives to chemical products, as these can have serious effects on your pets.

lawn maintenance

4) Fertilising your lawn.
The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side – you can make your lawn in the SW6 district appear green and healthy by fertilising it regularly. Find the best fertiliser for your grass by speaking to an expert at your local gardening centre. Remember – grass in shadier areas of your garden will need less fertiliser than the grass that sees more sunlight. Over-fertilising can kill your lawn, so make sure you read the instructions on your fertilising product carefully to avoid this happening to you.

gardening experts

5) Hiring lawn care specialists.
Your local gardening companies should offer a range of gardening services that can help you to get the lawn that you’ve always wanted. Hiring gardening experts in Fulham is a great way to save yourself time, and get professional gardening help. Ask for services such as lawn restoration and repair, garden maintenance services or lawn planting, as all of these can be very helpful when done by the experts. Make sure you’re hiring a reliable company by asking your neighbours or friends for recommendations, as there are lots of companies out there that won’t be able to provide you with a professional service. If you’re hiring online, make sure to read customer reviews to make sure you’re hiring the right company for you.

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