Helpful Pointers On Growing Flowers In Your Garden in Greenwich

17Jun 2015

flower garden maintenance

Trying to make your garden in Greenwich look beautiful by growing flowers is something that most people look to do because flowers add a wonderful splash of colour. For obvious reasons, they add to the aesthetics of the garden and can even increase house pricing! However, you may not always be sure on how the garden is supposed to hold the flowers, where to plant them and most importantly, how! We have created a short guide for you to help you create the dream garden to plant your flowers in.

1) Take care of your soil. You cannot plant fertile seeds into barren soil. A garden tidy up is essential in Greenwich, SE10. There is a reason for this, because you should take care of your flower seeds exactly as you would treat a child. A child can be bright as a button and sharp as a tack, however place him/her in the wrong environment and the drive will soon turn into lacklustre. You need to avoid any type of soil that has a clay base as well as any sand or rocks present in it. Think of testing the pH levels of the soil before planting any flowers.

soil preparation
2) If you find out your soil is more alkaline, you can add ground limestone and if it is too acidic, you can add sulphur to neutralize the acidity. It is very important to get the right balance as flowers need a proper place to thrive in. Things like adding organic materials to the soil in SW1 will tremendously assist. Mixes such as organic compost can be made from food waste (i.e. orange peels) that naturally adds nutrients to the soil. Ensure that a couple of weeks before you think of planting your flowers you mix the compost into the soil. It should be ready to receive the seeds to fast track a good steady germination.

add compost
3) Ensure that the location that you have picked for your flowers is correct. Not every location in your garden in Greenwich is going to be the best because some places may have more shade and some places may have more direct sunshine. Make sure that the place has a mixture of both as too much shade can cause the flowers to wilt and the direct sunlight can be very harsh on their delicate leaves and petals.

planting flowers
4) Decide on the type and style of flowers that you are choosing to plant. Some flowers will traditionally remain small and others will grow quite large. When you have made this decision prior to shopping for the flower seeds and bulbs, you will know how much space is needed, and where. Also figure out if the flower is annual or perennial. Annuals bloom more colourful and better, however need to be replanted every year. Perennials are only planted once and then become bigger over time.

garden design
5) Make sure you are very clear on how often plants need to be watered. Your flowers have different watering schedules because each plant requires a different amount of hydration to both survive and thrive. Garden maintenance is crucial.

garden care
One of the crucial points to planting flowers is to endeavour to plant them in the correct season for each particular flower. Your gardening in SE10 should be hassle free. Many plants don't really like to be planted in autumn or summer because the weather extremes mean they are less likely to survive. Give your flowers the best start in life by planting them in moderate temperatures to allow them to settle in before they start to bloom. Flowers are living things and should be treated with respect and love at all times.

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